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Dennis Wells
“I can never remember a time when art was not a part of my life. From a young age I
was fascinated by art and spent hours drawing on any surface available. Art is my
passion and my outlet.”

Dennis is originally from the Greenville area in upstate South Carolina. He attended
college in north eastern North Carolina where he studied graphic design. After
graduating college in 2000, he lived in Halifax County for 14 years where he taught
digital media, graphic design, and art. He then relocated to Winston Salem, NC. During
his eight years there he began the full time pursuit of his true passion, his art. He
currently lives and works in Richmond VA.
Primarily a self taught artist he is driven by what he describes as an “almost compulsive
need to create”. Dennis has an abstract objective style with heavy cubist influences. He
frequently uses heavy bold line work and bright colors to render his distorted
interpretations of his subjects. Although he works in wide array of mediums the majority
of his work is in Acrylics and/or Pen and Ink.
Dennis has work in public and private collections across the country. He also has
several public art pieces and murals in the city of Winston Salem. Dennis was
commissioned by the city of Winston Salem to create a large piece of Maya Angelou
which hangs near the main entrance to the Benton Convention Center and has had
work in shows at the South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA). His work
has been featured in the Winston Salem Journal, Triad City Beat, and Emmett
Magazine among others.

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