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Victor Ramos

From and early age the self taught Mexican painter and sculptor showed interest and love for art, in his search for style and originality he has experimented with unusual materials such as recycled crayons, colored pencils and computer keys among the pieces that stand out are "The Horse" a life-size horse made with thousands of computer keys or the sculpture of a gorilla with thousands of colored pencils. Victor has received several international awards, Recognized as a finacist his art is in private collections around the world, including a recent work on Vander Pump Rules TV show. 

Since 2015 he has won several awards with Ripley's Believe it or not. 

Victor Ramos is not based on the established canons of art always in search of plastic innovation, he currently makes a series of pieces with an emotional explosion of color fusing abstract and realism, using oil painting and touches of acrylic, combining them and capturing all the beauty of everyday feelings and fantasies.

Victor continues to expand his artistic mind by creating works that reach the depths of being and our commitment to life.

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