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Phillip Anthony

"We’ve all been given unique gifts and talents. You see it in the arts, you hear it in music, but there are gifts of leadership, intelligence, speech, compassion… they’re equally important and the catch is they’re not for us, they’re to share and help others."

Born in Glendale, California, Phillip’s family moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho at an early age. Phillip’s development was subtle starting with drawing and sketching as a he grew up. He was drawn to traditional black and white photography and the process of working in a dark room. Moving to Florida to be a film director he was pulled towards cinematography focusing on composition and lighting.

Influence by his past love for sketching and black and white photography, Phillip wanted that classical traditional look for one of his seascapes. Frustrated with the slow speed of a tiny pencil he decided to use brushes with black and white paint. He loved the results and never expected the responses. Black and white oil paintings were different. Phillip was achieving a new level of detail and value, but the concept of Monochromatic Reflectionism was just about to unfold.

The major galleries that wanted something unique were now hesitant to try something different. Phillip pushed for his first major show in Key West and nearly sold out. It was a chain reaction that has lead to hundreds of major shows, demonstrations, and events during these past few years with current displays in galleries across the country and international exhibitions.

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