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Anna Razumovskaya

Anna’s work is both classical and modern, her romantic figurative works carry with them both
tradition and originality. Her work captures the elegance and grace of the female form with both
an air of simplicity and sophistication.
While Anna’s enchanting figures have an aura reminiscent of the Renaissance, and you can
place them alongside old masters like Reuben and Rembrandt and draw similarities, the
dynamic technique with which she paints, and the expressive freedom and sensuality of her
work create something refreshingly modern, unique, and beautiful.
Anna’s work can be drawn into conversation with the work of Marc Chagall with its dreamlike
quality. The classical composers’ Bach and Tchaikovsky are also influential in her work due to
her love of music. Anna has become one of the most exciting and collectible artists on the

contemporary scene.


Graduated with an M.F.A. in ’91 from the Russian State Academy of Fine Arts (Rostov-on-Don)
Studied in Germany, Belgium, and Holland.


Art Expo, New York, USA
Gallery of Elena Gromova, Moscow, Russia
Art Expos, Las Vegas, USA
Fontainebleau Exhibition, Miami Beach, USA
Hazelton Fine Art Galleries, Toronto, Canada
Art Expo, Toronto, Canada
Spectrum Miami, USA
Art Expo Miami, USA
Los Angelas Art Show, USA
Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany
Art Expo, Atlanta, USA
Art Kvartal, Moscow, Russia
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Personal Exhibition on board “Queen Victoria” cruise ship
Personal exhibitions tour through 12 galleries in the UK

Till The End Of Times
Alta Rossa
Sounds of Time ANNA
Serenade In Blue 3
The Beauty Of Movement
Syncopation 1
Paradise So Rare
Serenade In Blue 2
Point Of Grace 1
Letting Go
Concerto 4
Blue Note III
Breakaway 1
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