Ricky Metz

"It was an interesting idea, to take something that is associated with destruction and use it to create."

Richard Metz grew up in small island town called St. Simons. He has crafted art his entire life and has taken every art class available to him throughout his education. He attended the Art Institute of Atlanta

for a bachelors in Graphic Design. Shortly after College he decided to take an idea he had in high school, to use fire and smoke to produce a polished image.When he honed his craft it became increasingly apparent that he had something all his own, one of a kind as they say.

Right through Me
One look
A different side
Morning Sun
Starry Night
another side
Into the Woods II
Lady in the Water
By any other name
Into the Woods
Right Through Me
Under her Spell
The Palm of My Had
All in my head
Never Let Go
Blown Away