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Born in the Republic of Panama’ but raised in the United States. I had the military family
upbringing that either fosters a love of travel or cures you of it.
I studied art in Southern California, chief amongst my teachers at that time was Prof.
Manuel DeLeon who took me under his wing and introduced me to anatomy and the
wonder of life drawing.
After moving to the North Shore of O'ahu, Hawaii I met and studied with Roy Tabora
whom I believe is a true master.  (I use this term despite the fact that it gets tossed around
too freely for my taste.)  He shared his studio, his work ethic and his techniques.  I will
forever be grateful to him for that.
The following years were spent as a full time artist painting and raising my three children
as a single mother. Surrounded by wonderful business friends (I can never thank
Mahmoud enough) those days were gloriously hectic.
Decades later I went to the eastern seaboard for an entirely different way of life.  In New
England my paintings seemed to be going back to my "life drawing " origins while
encompassing dance.  While there, I met a host of wonderful artists.  Their style and
wonderful approach continues to challenges me and, I hope, makes me a better painter.
Now I’m back in Hawaii, this time Maui.  Lahaina has always been the epicenter of art in
the Pacific Rim and I’m excited to be a part of the community.  I look forward to every
day as I learn and grow as an artist.
I still paint using my classic techniques but I enjoy switching it up and putting a more
contemporary slant on things. I try to bring my personal eye and my spirit into
everything I produce. My greatest hope is that it touches something in someone else in a
way that connects us as human beings. Proof that we are not alone.

Light Worker
finding balance
Life of Water
Star Dancer
Conduit for Magic
enter the blue
celestial birth
The Wish
Water Dance
Toward the Within
The Muse
Per Chance to Dream
Golden Repose
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