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ZXCZ is an internationally exhibited multidisciplinary contemporary artist with works in private collections from N.Y.C to Hong Kong.  The have been producing artwork in various mediums for nineteen years. 


The moniker, “ZXCZ”, has been selected by the artist so to separate from their previous works, and pursue a new art style.  The “ZXCZ” guise allows the artist to move unencumbered, and energetically in their pursuit of producing timeless artwork with a Pop-Street Art aesthetic.  


The “ZXCZ” emblem appears important, and beautiful in it’s letter combination, but give no more than the mind of the viewer gives it, paired with the quality of the painting it accompanies.  “ZXCZ” becomes a symbol of subconscious emotion in unison with the work it presents, while the artist is a ghost. 

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