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Paul Baliker

"A passion for nature has inspired me to create a body of work that is environmental in pith. I endeavor to capture a moment in wood or bronze that expresses the potential for a symbiotic relationship with nature."


Paul Baliker is a environmentalist and sculpture that uses his art to evoke a sense of responsibility to the world and those who inhabit it. Paul says "As goes the animals, so go the people." This is a message to us all, to preserve and protect the habits of each animal we share this world with. If he can inspire you to make a change then he will have accomplished what he set out to do.

Paul Exhibits his works all over the world, including Singapore, Hawaii and many places in the United States. His efforts span the globe and the message as wide as the horizon. We can all do our part, we are all in this world together. 

Once upon a time
Sea Horse
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