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a Kindler
 From the beginning Kindler was inspired to emulate classic masters of realism like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Caravagio as well as modern painters and illustrators like Sargent, Dinnerstein and Rockwell.   Primarily self-taught, his paintings grow from the seed of a feeling like a dream does and are similarly amenable to interpretation afterward. Dreamscapes are very different areas of painting, but Kindler has found a convergence of these ideas in several pieces.  In these paintings you meet, Jung, Bosch, and the dreams of Kindler.   Kindler says when he begins he hasn’t any more idea how the painting will turn out than you do. Not tied to a specific landscape or culture, the world of his paintings is located in the universal and infinite, thereby inviting everyone to share in the collective emotional experience of living.  Our own development as humans is in a reciprocal relationship with others and the entire living environment. His work catalogs his growth and  invites you to see your own path reflected.

Look Away
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Screenshot 2022-09-30 132210
Mother Is the Invention of Necessety
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Marsh View