Allison Richter

"As a wildlife artist specializing in exotic, endangered, and beautiful birds. I am always excited to share my vision through creativity and beauty.

I would like others to see my passion for wildlife that I create through the universal medium of art."

 Born in 1972, She grew up in the small town of Stockbridge Georgia. She began learning art from her mom who had been a commercial artist for many years.

  She studied art in high school with Gregg Green, then studied with Tommy Daughtry at Clayton State for fine arts. A bit of changing majors from fine art to commercial art, then to interactive design at the Art Institute of Atlanta gave me a greater artistic proficiency. Over the years, she has found what I enjoy most however is painting.She painted commercially doing large murals along business walls inside and out. She gained entry into fine art competitions, as well as gaining a clients that love her work.

After college, she chose to try a few different mediums. Everything from digital art, colored pencil, pen and ink, to scratch board with water color. Eventually she gravitated back to oils as this was her preferred method of creating 2 dimensional art.

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